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Top Cycling Jersey Nr. 10

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State Bicycle Co. Cycling Jersey

Das Cycling Jersey von State Bicycle Co. gibt es in zwei Ausführungen. Eine Ausführung für Rider und eine für Clubber:

You love to ride and want top quality but prefer a more relaxed fit? The Century jersey is made for you! The “club fit” design offers a more generous cut on technical wicking fabric, a hidden ¾ (45cm zipper), large side panels, and raglan sleeves. You can get top quality and a completely custom design at a very affordable price. This jersey is designed to be loose and much less confining.

All garments in this category are designed to fit snug, yet comfortably while in the riding position. Featuring a FULL ZIP, this offers the perfect combination of comfort, performance, compression and control. This jersey is designed for a snug fit for performance riding.

Weitere coole Fotos sowie eine Größentabelle und die Bestellmöglichkeit findest Du auf der Website von State Bicycle Co.

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